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Chef Steve Page



Thorold born Steve Page has spent most of his adult life in a kitchen. “I’m not entirely sure I should be admitting this – it sounds a bit like I have no other interests”.  At 27 though, Steve is more than ready to assume the duties of Chef du Cuisine at Niagara-on-the -Lakes’ popular Stone Road Grille.
Steve began his career in British Columbia working as an apprentice in the kitchen at Apres. This was his first experience with fine dining.  From there he took a position staging at the Bear Foot Bistro. These initial experiences were all that Steve needed and from that point on he devoted himself to learning his craft.    Steve would soon pack up and move back to the Niagara and started began working with Stephen Treadwell at Treadwell’s Farm to Table Cuisine in Port Dalhousie.  After 3 hard years learning under Stephen Treadwell, and working his way up the line, he left the country in search of greater experience. Self-taught to a great extent, Steve traveled to England to be a stagiere in at Michelin star rated Gravetye Manor. “What not a better way to learn than in the kitchen of a Michelin restaurant”?  When returning to Ontario, Steve moved to Toronto and dedicated 2 additional years working and training at Pangaea Restaurant.  “My experiences have been diverse and at each step my passion for this business continues to develop”. 

Steve felt it was time to return home once again and take advantage of growing food and wine culture in. “This region is exploding with great local ingredients, superb wines, and tons of talented people”. After staging throughout Niagara he chose to work under Ryan Crawford at the Stone Road Grille to hone his skills in key areas such as bread making, charcuterie and whole animal butchery.  As a further developmental measure, Steve would then leave Niagara for California, taking time to stage again at the best kitchens from San Francisco to San Diego. Returning home, Steve re-joined the Stone Road Grille as Chef Crawford’s Sous Chef.  “My journey is not over – it’s never over when you’re in love with your craft”. 

Steve and his team are working at redefining the cuisine at Stone Road Grille. “I’m ready for the challenges and the responsibility”. He resides in Niagara-on-the-Lake.


Heidi & Perry Johnson

Perry & Hiedi Johnson We love dining out and we're constantly searching for places that have great food and a lively atmosphere and feel that we've managed to create here in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The irony is that we're always at the restaurant or with our daughter and have little time for dining anymore. We hope you'll enjoy our vision.
We've been in the service and sales industry most of our lives and met while working at a chain steak house in Winnipeg. After a combined 40+ years of exceeding expectations for our clients, we've turned our attention to the hospitality industry. The Stone Road Grille is an eclectic combination of every restaurant - good and bad - that we've ever been to. We approach the business from our guests' perspective and strive to make each guest feel as though they've entered a dinner party at our home.

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