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Stone Road Grille Wine List

Stone Road Grille is extremely proud of our location in the very heart of Niagara's fabled wine region. As such, we feature only Niagara-area VQA wines.


We're often asked why we don't stock a selection of fine wines from around the globe and frankly, our response is "why would we?" Niagara boasts some amazing wines and we're very proud to showcase their passion. Our wines and wine partners have been selected based on the strength of their products and the character of their people. We invite you to share in their success.


We offer a wine range of styles and flavours by the glass from our key partners at Stratus, Tawse, Lailey, Le Clos Jordanne, Coyote’s Run, Hidden Bench, Creekside and Konzelmann Estates wineries. In fact, our all-Niagara VQA wine list boasts wines from 45 area wineries and over 175 individual offerings. And if you're still undecided, we would be pleased to offer you a glass of any other wine we stock. A complete listing is available on site.


"A serious dedication to food & wine," Christopher Waters, Vines Magazine


"The most talked about restaurant on the Peninsula," Wine Spectator Magazine


"A must for local VQA wines when dining in Niagara," Toronto Life, 2007 Recommended Dining Guide


2008 Gold Award for Excellence - Best VQA Wine List - Wine Council of Ontario



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